Greetings from Doosan Corporation. We will inform you about the transfer of personal information.

At the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders convened on October 20, 2020, Doosan Corporation (the “Company”) resolved to incorporate Mottrol Co., Ltd. (the “NewCo”) through a vertical spin-off (the “Spin-off”) of its Mottrol BG which engages in the business of manufacturing and sale of hydraulic component and the defense industry-related business, with the Company continuing as the surviving entity. As a result of the Spin-off, the paid-in capital of the Company will not decrease, and the Company and the NewCo will not be jointly liable for the Company’s obligations arising prior to the Spin-off (including obligations related to Doosan Solus Co., Ltd. and Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. borne by the Company upon the horizontal spin-off dated October 1, 2019; obligations including liabilities; hereinafter the same). The NewCo will only bear the Company’s obligations arising prior to the Spin-off that are transferred to the NewCo as a result of the Spin-off, and the Company will only be liable for the obligations that are not borne by the NewCo. Any creditors having an objection to the Spin-off are advised to submit an objection to the head office of the Company within one month from the date immediately following the posting of this notice. When submitting an objection, please specify your or the person-in-charge’s contact information as well as the specific details of the obligations you hold, and send it to the Company together with a copy of documents evidencing the debtor-creditor relationship.

October 21, 2020

Doosan Corporation
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Representative Director: Hyun-Soo Dong