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  • News http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php XML
  • Doosan Corporation http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1101 XML
  • Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1109 XML
  • Doosan Infracore http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1110 XML
  • Doosan Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1111 XML
  • Doosan Corporation Electro Materials http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1102 XML
  • Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1125 XML
  • Doosan Corporation Mottrol http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1114 XML
  • Doosan Corporation Bio http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1107 XML
  • Doosan Digital Innovation http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1108 XML
  • Oricom http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1119 XML
  • Neoplux http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1121 XML
  • Doota Mall http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1124 XML
  • Doosan Bears http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1131 XML
  • Doosan Cuvex http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1122 XML
  • Doosan Magazines http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1133 XML
  • Doosan Art Center http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1128 XML
  • Doosan Yonkang Foundation http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1127 XML
  • DLI http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1129 XML
  • Doosan Babcock http://www.doosan.com/rss_en.php?code1=1132 XML
  • Annual Brochure http://www.doosan.com/rss/annual/annual_brochure_en.xml XML
  • PR Movie http://www.doosan.com/rss/pr_movie/pr_movie_en.xml XML
  • Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction http://www.doosan.com/rss/pr_movie/doosan_hinc_en.xml XML
  • Doosan Infracore http://www.doosan.com/rss/pr_movie/doosan_infracore_en.xml XML
RSS Description
RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary,” a data format developed in XML in order to provide users with easy access to the most updated content on our website.
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