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| Doosan Yonkang Foundation

Doosan Yonkang Foundation Donates Books to Elementary Schools, Overseas Korean Schools


Doosan Yonkang Foundation (Chairman Yong Hyun Park) announced on Dec. 29 that it had donated more than 32,000 books—which are worth 400 million won (about $336,000)—to 87 schools in remote areas and islands across Korea, and 11 Korean schools overseas, including in Paraguay and Egypt.

Under the book donation program, Doosan provides books that are recommended by teachers and that children want to read, rather than unilaterally donating books of its own choosing.

Since 2006, Doosan Yonkang Foundation has donated about 300,000 books to 558 schools, including elementary schools and children’s hospital schools, and Korean schools overseas.

Founded in 1978, the Yonkang Foundation, Doosan’s scholarship and academic institute, conducts a wide range of projects that promote academics, including international training courses for teachers and donating books.