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Doosan Group Yonkang Foundation Holds Ceremony to Commemorate Publication of Travel Essay Book


Doosan Group’s Yonkang Foundation (Chairman Y.H. Park) held a ceremony to commemorate the publication of a book of travel essays titled China, New Pillar of the World Economy at the Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel in Namdaemun-ro 5(o)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul on January 8.

The book is a compilation of schoolteachers’ accounts of their experience of the economy and culture of China. Teachers who contributed those essays are from elementary, middle, and high schools and participated in the 2012 overseas economic tour program for teachers hosted by the Yonkang Foundation.

At the ceremony, Chairman Y.H. Park said, “In order to accurately convey and teach the reality to young students who will spearhead the Korean economy in the future, it is necessary for educators to experience and grasp the trends of the global economy,” adding, “I believe teachers’ experiences will serve as the catalyst for nurturing human resources who will lead Korea’s future.”

Since 1989, Doosan Group’s Yonkang Foundation has been running overseas study tours for teachers who are recommended by the superintendents of metropolitan and provincial offices of education. A total of 2,137 teachers have participated in the program over the years.