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7,000 Doosan Employees Worldwide Come together on Doosan Day of Community Service

- Event established as part of Doosan’s unique CSR culture


On April 19, employees of Doosan Group from all over the world celebrated the Doosan Day of Community Service, offering a helping hand to make their local communities better places to live.

This time, more than 7,000 employees in 16 countries in Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East took part in the corporate volunteer program together to help improve their local communities. The event, which debuted in October 2014, is the fifth Doosan Day of Community Service and has become part of the Company’s unique culture of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In Korea, employees made furniture for low-income families, visited the disadvantaged and elderly, donated blood and performed environmental cleanup activities. Teams in the United States helped renovate and repair local facilities and cleaned up the environment. In the Middle East, volunteers donated basic necessities to the marginalized while those in the United Kingdom helped repair community facilities and donated books.

Doosan Group Chairman Jeongwon Park also participated in the furniture-making program held under the theme of “Heartwarming Furniture Story” and helped make storage cabinets and desks to support single-parent families. The furniture is made up of space-saving pieces to maximize the use of space in each house.

“The Doosan Day of Community Service has become a festival of sharing celebrated by both Doosan employees and those living in their local communities,” Chairman Park said. “I hope you take this opportunity to spread the warmth and enjoy the experience of sharing with your local communities.”

On April 19, the Doosan Day of Community Service, Doosan Group Chairman Jeongwon Park, together with employees, assembles furniture for families living in the community at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention Center (SETEC) in Seoul.