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People are the greatest asset for realizing our aspirations

‘People’ is the foundation on which Doosan has built its century of success and on which we will build the next hundred years and this trust in people lies at the heart of our business philosophy.



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    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Chairman & CEO, Geewon Park) recently announced that its 1000MW Ultra-Super-Critical Boiler for coal-fired thermal power plants, developed for the first time in Korea, has been selected as a Next-generation World Best Product. On November 8, Doosan’s 1000MW USC Boiler and 3MW w ...

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  • Doosan Infracore Makes $100 Million Early Loan Repayment

    Doosan Infracore announced on Dec. 1 that Bobcat, its compact equipment business, had made an early repayment of $100 million on a US$1.7 billion loan refinanced with Bobcat’s own credit in May 2014. The $100 million early repayment is significant in that it represents how much Bobcat’s performance has improved, allow ...

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  • 2014 Doosan Corporate Social Responsibility Video

    What is the purpose of a business?
    Of course, it involves making profits by producing products & services and creating employment. But is that all?
    Doosan believes that the growth of business leads to the growth of people,
    and that a company has a responsibility to contribute to future generations and humankind.
    With this belief and philosophy, Doosan has been working to improve the quality of life for all.
    The key is sustainability.
    And Doosan is focused on creating a sustainable world through Corporate Social Responsibility.
    We will identify, analyze and respond to the impacts our business activities have,
    from local communities to the whole planet.
    By fulfilling our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen,
    Doosan will become the foundation of a sustainable society.
    And in that sustainable society, Doosan will lead the way to a new future.
    In this spirit, Doosan firmly believes that Corporate Social Responsibility will make us a more competitive business.
    This is why Doosan has established a CSR strategy for its entire business group and built a unique business system.
    At the center of Doosan’s long, successful history, we have always had faith in people.
    And people are at the center of Doosan’s CSR.
    Doosan’s focus on strengthening its global aspects is a key part of building trust with all its stakeholders.
    Beyond mere philanthropy, we are dedicated to engaging with stakeholders at all levels of Doosan.
    And all the CSR activities from every subsidiary around the world must be clearly explained.
    Doosan understands the importance of creating a more compassionate society, to enrich humanity, and make a healthier planet.
    And we firmly believe that taking those meaningful steps can be a major source of growth.
    A leader in corporate social responsibility around the globe!
    Proud global Doosan!
    This is the bright future Doosan is dedicated to creating.

    2014 Doosan Corporate Social Responsibility Video