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Shares in Affiliated Companies

Taking the opportunity to re-launch itself as a holding company, Doosan Corporation will provide our investors with even better results in return for their unwavering trust by improving our performance, establishing exemplary corporate governance, and realizing transparent business operations based on sound basics and principles.

Since 2007, Doosan Corporation has pushed ahead with active business restructuring by separating Doosan Dong-A, SRS, Doosan Feed & Livestock and Doosan Tower, and by selling Chongga Food, Tech Pack, the liquor division, Samhwa Crown and Closure, and so on. Despite an uncertain external environment stemming from the global financial crisis, the company has generated sustainable profits and has secured a stable cash flow. In order to enhance the transparency of its corporate governance and to increase its shareholders’ value, the company merged with Doosan Mottrol Holdings and Doosan Mottrol in July 2010.

Doosan Corporation has also stepped up its efforts to build financial infrastructure and establish a sound financial structure including the reorganization of its systems, in order to achieve financial innovation and to comply with IFRS.

The company’s year-on-year operating income grew 39.8%, sales rose 37.3% and net profit ratio climbed 15.6% at the end of 2011. However, the company’s debt ratio rose to 61.5%, up by 14.6%, compared to the end of the last year, due to decrease in capital stock, arising from the acquisition of treasury stocks. Meanwhile, the company’s ICR, an indicator of financial soundness, stood at 5.9, and return on equity ascended to 7.89% in 2011, up 6.37%, compared to the end of the previous year. All in all, Doosan Corporation posted good achievements even in the unfavorable environment, owing to the global economic crisis.