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Shares in Affiliated Companies

Doosan Corporation is the parent company of Doosan Group, a Korean company comprised of 23 affiliates including Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. Doosan Corporation also operates as an operating holding company with its own line of businesses, including the Electro-Materials, Mottrol and Industrial Vehicle business groups. As a holding company, Doosan Corporation is committed to generating strong results for its shareholders as well as establishing exemplary corporate governance and transparent management based on its principles.

Since 2007, Doosan Corporation has gone through a major transformation. It split off Doosan Feed & Livestock and Doosan Tower, while selling off Chongga Kimchi, Tech Pack, Liquor, Samhwa Crown & Closure, Doosan Dong-A, and SRS. Despite the market uncertainties created by the global financial crisis, Doosan Corporation managed to generate sustainable profits and secure stable cash flows. In addition, to increase shareholder value, Doosan Mottrol Holdings and Doosan Mottrol Co were integrated into Doosan Corporation in July 2010, followed by Doosan Industrial Vehicle in September 2013 and Fuel Cell Power in October 2014.

In line with the introduction of International Financial Reporting Standards, Doosan Corporation has built a secure and sound financial infrastructure. Although troubles in the U.S. economy and slowing growth in China created economic uncertainty in much of the world, Doosan Corporation continued to realize sustainable profits in 2013. On the back of the merger with Industrial Vehicle and an increase in dividend income, operating profits increased to 195.4 billion won ($182 million) in 2013, up 69.1 billion won from the previous year, while operating revenues (sales) jumped 11.1 percent. The acquisition of Industrial Vehicle pushed its debt to 846.1 billion won, up 131.1 billion won from the year before, and Doosan Corporation’s debt ratio jumped 8.5 percentage points to 67.3 percent. To gain a strong advantage in technology and costs, Doosan Corporation will put a priority on making investments, as part of its dedication to continual growth. At the same time, Doosan Corporation is committed to increasing corporate value by establishing an advanced working process based on the Doosan Way.

As a holding company with a more transparent corporate governance system, Doosan Corporation is committed to reinforcing its core businesses and maximizing shareholder value.