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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Doosan Corporation has reorganized its business structure mainly by focusing on its core businesses necessary for future growth and profitability in order to strongly implement strategies for stable, long-term growth. It is now maximizing shareholders’ profits and corporate value by converting the company into a holding company in 2009.


Doosan Corporation is maximizing its shareholders’ profits and corporate value on the basis of transparent corporate governance.

Financial Information

All the financial information on Doosan Corporation, the best company, is provided.

Stock Information

Doosan Corporation will make every effort to earn widespread recognition as the best company with shareholder-oriented management.

IR Events

Doosan Corporation is leaping forward to become an excellent global company on the basis of its own business, which will provide the stable Cash Flow and the core competence required to maximize the corporate values of its affiliated companies.

IR Material

Doosan continuously transforms itself at every moment. Take a look at the dynamic images of Global Doosan, ceaselessly advancing with outstanding achievements in all business areas.