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Audit Committee

Audit Committee Status

(Chairman:Hi-taek Shin/ Total no. of committee members: 4)
Audit Committee Status
Audit Type Position (Part/Full-time status) Name Date of appointment Tenure Status of insured
Internal Director
Outside Director Director (Part-time) Hyoung-Joo Kim 2017-03-31 3 years Insured
Director (Part-time) Doohee Lee 2018-03-30 3 years Insured
Director (Part-time) Sung-gwan Chun 2019-03-29 3 years Insured
Director (Part-time) Bokhyeon Baik 2019-03-29 3 years Insured

Audit Committee Member Selection Process

  1. 1.Search Firm

    Develop a pool of
    candidates for
    membership of the
    Audit Committee

  2. 2.Outside director candidate recommendation consultation committee

    Recommendation of candidates (twice the final number)

  3. 3.Outside director

    Select outside
    candidates for director
    to be appointed as
    member of the Audit

  4. 4.Board of Directors

    Make decision on items
    recommended by
    members of the Audit

  5. 5.General Shareholders’ Meeting

    Make the final selection
    of Audit Committee
    members after decision
    by the General
    Shareholders’ Meeting

Outside Auditor

Outside Auditor
Name of company Date of appointment Contract period
EY Han Young 2017-03-31 3 years

Composition of the Audit Committee and its Responsibilities

1. Composition of the Audit Committee

  1. 1.1 The Company shall install an Audit Committee in lieu of an Auditor.
  2. 1.2 The Audit Committee shall consist of 3 Directors.
  3. 1.3 Two thirds or more of the Committee members should be Outside Directors. Members who are not Outside Directors shall meet the requirements specified in Paragraph 3, Article 54-6 of the Securities Transaction Act.
  4. 1.4 The Audit Committee shall select a representative of the Committee.In this case, a number of members may jointly represent the Committee.

2. Responsibilities of the Audit Committee

  1. 2.1 Items on the General Shareholders’ Meeting
    1. Request for convocation of an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting.
    2. Statement on the documentation and agenda of the General Shareholders’ Meeting.
  2. 2.2 Directors and Board of Directors
    • Duty of reporting to the Board of Directors.
    • Development and submission of the Audit Report.
    • Damage request regarding any illegal act on the part of the Director.
    • Request for a business report to the Director.
    • Items entrusted by the Board of Directors
  3. 2.3 Items for Audit
    • Investigation into business and properties.
    • Investigation of subsidiaries.
    • Receiving the Director’s report.
    • Representative of the Directors and the Company at the time of a dispute.
    • Determination on filing a lawsuit when a lawsuit against the Director is requested by minor shareholders.
    • Selection of the Outside Auditor
    • Receiving information on irregularities in the execution of the Director’s duties or a report that contains facts in material breach of the law or the Rules of Incorporation from an Outside Auditor
    • Receiving a report on facts pertaining to the Company in breach of the accounting principles from an Outside Auditor.
    • Evaluation of the internal control system.
    • Items that require a decision by the Audit Committee as stipulated in the law or the Rules of Incorporation, or items that are deemed necessary by another Audit Committee.

Status of the Audit Committee Support Department

  1. Board Directors
    1. Legal
  2. Audit Committee
    1. Audit Team,
    2. Account Team,
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