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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Doosan, the oldest company in Korea with a history of 121 years, has successfully incorporated changes and growth. Based on human-oriented management philosophy, Doosan will continue creating new products and technologies for another 100 years as a proud global Doosan


Based on Doosan's focus on the value of 'People', we strive to maximize shareholder interest and provide differentiated satisfaction to customers.


Doosan aims to become one of the top 200 companies in the world by establishing a process that meets global standards and human-oriented management - the ultimate source of our global competitiveness.


Since 1896, Doosan has evolved with its people, and is now opening up a new future as a global leader of ISB.

Companies & Brands

Doosan’s efforts are directed at creating a better foundation for life. You can find the traces of such efforts in everything from infrastructure support businesses such as industrial facilities, machinery and construction to consumer goods.

Global Performances

Doosan, equipped with a broad business portfolio and a clear vision, seeks constant innovation and change while enhancing the value of life with the focus on ISB, which is essential for the construction and operation of major social infrastructures.


Doosan invests heavily in R&D in the rapidly changing market environment. Investment in technology is essential for improving competitiveness, while constant R&D is essential for the global development of the company.

Worldwide Activities

WinDS 3000TM

WinDS 3000TM, a 3MW marine wind power generator developed for the first time in Asia by Doosan, also acquired the international certification of marine wind power systems for the first time as a domestic company.