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Global Performance

Global Performance

Doosan, equipped with a broad business portfolio and a clear vision, seeks constant innovation and change while enhancing the value of life with the focus on ISB, which is essential for the construction and operation of major social infrastructures.

Doosan Key Highlights

Doosan has been forging an impressive record with its well-organized strategy and decisive strength.

Global Leading Products

Through constant changes and innovation, Doosan is evolving into a global company that delivers satisfaction far exceeding customer expectations with its unique products and services.

Worldwide Activities

Doosan constructs industrial facilities such as plants, bridges, manufacturing machinery, etc. and produces a vast range of machinery and equipment that helps to enrich the quality of human life and civilization.

Global Sponsorship

Doosan sponsors The Open Championship, famed as the oldest and most prestigious of the four major international golf events, as well as diverse international sports activities to promote Doosan all over the world.

Doosan Global Business Forum

Doosan Global Business Forum was designed to play the role of a lighthouse, guiding us through the difficult time.