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Companies & Brands

Doosan’s efforts are directed at creating a better foundation for life. You can find the traces of such efforts in everything from infrastructure support businesses such as industrial facilities, machinery and construction to consumer goods.

  • ISB (Infrastructure Support Business)

    • Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

      Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is a leading EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractor offering a wide range of services including power plant and desalination facilities, cast products, nuclear reactors, turbines, etc.

      Main business areas:
      power plant, water, casting, construction / transport facilities, green energy, etc.
    • Doosan Infracore

      Doosan Infracore

      It boasts unrivalled capabilities in the production of construction machinery, engines, attachments, and utility equipment. It is also evolving into a global leader in ISB with world-class competitiveness.

      Main business areas:
      construction machinery, engines and parts.
    • Doosan Bobcat

      Doosan Bobcat is armed with a diverse business portfolio of products ranging from the best-in-class compact equipment, including skid-steer loaders, compact excavators, utility equipment, and telescopic handlers, to portable power and attachments.

      Main business areas:
      construction equipment, portable power, air compressors, generators, attachments
    • Doosan Engineering & Construction

      Doosan Engineering & Construction

      Since its establishment in 1960, Doosan Engineering & Construction has been building up a wealth of know-how and technologies. The company leads the way in the field of engineering & construction.

      Main business areas:
      Civil Works, Building Works.
    • Doosan Mecatec

      Doosan Mecatec

      With over 50 years of industry experience, Doosan Mecatec is a global top tier and the No. 1 CPE manufacturer in South Korea that produces reactors, pressure vessels, towers/columns, and heat exchangers for the oil & gas and petrochemical plants. The company is expanding its great market position as CPE global leading company with its extraordinary manufacturing capability and excellent track record.

      Main business areas:
      Reactor, Pressure Vessel, Tower & Column, Heat Exchanger
    • Doosan Robotics

      Armed with the world’s most diversified lineup of collaborative robots that boast high-performance torque sensors and the industry-leading collision detection technology, Doosan Robotics aims to become a leading player in the world’s cobot market, which is expected to grow exponentially in the era of the fourth Industrial Revolution.

      Main business areas:
      Collaborative robots
    • Doosan Mobility Innovation

      Doosan has applied self-developed mobile fuel cell technology to commercial drone which is a fast-growing market, and is providing the standardized long endurance drone platform.

      Main business areas:
      Fuel cell powerpack for drone
  • Doosan Corporation

    • Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials

      Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials

      Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials is leading the development of the electronics industry by supplying the main materials for PCB, a core part for electronics, including CCL (Copper Clad Laminate) and OLED materials (illuminating and common layer for fluorescence phosphorescence).

      Main business areas:
      CCL, heat preventing PCB, masslam, OLED materials.
    • Doosan Corporation Mottrol

      Doosan Corporation Mottrol

      Doosan Corporation Mottrol, a pioneer of the Korean hydraulics business, develops and produces hydraulic components for construction equipment and defense systems. Based on its accumulated experience and technology, Doosan Corporation Mottrol is now expanding its business to become a global comprehensive components manufacturer in the ISB field.

      Main business areas:
      hydraulic equipment, defense.
    • Doosan Corporation Bio

      Doosan Corporation Bio

      Doosan Corporation Bio provides differentiated values to customers by developing and supplying bio-materials such as medical emulsifiers, plant growth regulators, and raw materials for skincare products.

      Main business areas:
    • Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle

      Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle

      With numerous certifications including ‘World Best Awards’, Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle is recognized as a manufacturer of global logistics equipment, as well as engine-type forklifts and electronic forklifts. Doosan’s forklifts are praised by global customers for their economic advantages, quality and performance, as well as the eco-friendliness offered by greatly reduced noise levels and exhaust emissions.

      Main business areas:
      engine-powered forklifts, electronic forklifts, parts and services.
    • Doosan Fuel Cell

      Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell

      Doosan Fuel Cell has a full lineup of products, from power generation to residential use, based on its proprietary fuel cell technologies. We provide environmentally-friendly power generation solutions that reduce carbon emissions and minimize air and noise pollution, while guaranteeing high-efficiency.

      Main business areas:
      new and renewable energy, fuel cells, high-capacity fuel cell systems, small-capacity fuel cell systems
    • Doosan Digital Innovation

      Doosan Digital Innovation

      Doosan Digital Innovation utilizes its massive local and international IT service partner networks to provide diverse customers including Doosan affiliates with comprehensive IT services encompassing IT consulting, system setup, business system operation, IT infrastructure operation and etc.

      Main business areas:
      Consulting, building and managing IT systems, IT infrastructure operation
    • Doosan Corporation Retail

      Doosan Corporation Retail

      As a landmark of Dongdaemun, a popular shopping district and tourist attraction in Korea, Doota Mall and Doota Duty Free has taken its unique retail brand global based on its rich experiences with and understanding of inbound customers from multiple countries visiting Dongdaemun.

      The seven-story shopping complex houses trendy, high-quality labels of up-and-coming designers and a wide array of fashion retailers for women’s and men’s clothing, sportswear, accessories and miscellaneous goods, and children wear—as well as some of the hottest restaurant brands and coffee shops—which makes it especially popular among fashionistas in their 20’s and 30’s.

      Doota Duty Free has established a unique position as the one and only in-city duty free store that opens until late at night in Korea. By offering customers the convenience of enjoying more than 600 fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle brands in one stop, Doota Duty Free is widely regarded as a must-visit shopping destination for both inbound and outbound tourists in Korea.

      Main business areas:
      Duty-free Shop, Bonded sales area, Fashion-specific mall, etc.
  • CSB (Consumer & Service Business)

    • Oricom

      Oricom improves its customers’ corporate brand assets with an IMC (Integrated marketing service) for marketing brands with services including planning, creative, brand consulting, media, promotion and online marketing.

      Main business areas:
      Advertising and ad campaigns, brand marketing, media service.
    • Hancomm

      Established in 1983, Hancomm, a representative general advertisement agency in Korea, has been leading the development and growth of the advertisement industry along with Oricom. It became a member of the Doosan in 2015.Hancomm’s capability as an advertisement agency has been fully recognized not only in 4 major media but also in large-scale events at home and abroad such as Seoul International Fireworks Festival, opening and closing ceremonies of the Mungyeong Korea 2015(CSIM World Games), etc., and digital sector.

      Main business areas:
      Advertising and ad campaigns, Promotion, Media Service
    • Doosan Magazine

      In 1996, Doosan Magazine launched the first fashion magazine in Korea, Vogue, followed by refined magazines like GQ, Allure and W.

      Main business area:
      Magazine publishing
    • Doosan Bears

      The Doosan Bears, formed in January 1982, the first year of the professional league in Korea, was the country’s first professional baseball team. After winning the first Korea Series that year, the team is delivering an exceptional performance every year.

      Main business area:
      professional baseball team
    • Doosan Cuvex

      The Ladena golf club, blessed with an optimal view and outstanding course design, is leading the new golf culture in Korea.

      Main business area:
      golf club
    • Neoplux

      As a private equity firm, Neoplux helps local and overseas companies with potential to grow into global top enterprises through investment and consulting. Neoplux seeks to be a “Value Creating Partner” that maximizes its customers’ corporate value.

      Main business areas:
      investment, consulting.
  • Auxiliary Organizations

    • Doosan Yonkang Foundation

      Doosan Yonkang Foundation

      Doosan Yonkang Foundation was established in 1978 to honor the conviction of the company’s first chairperson, the late Yonkang Too Pyung Park that “Education drives a country forward.“The foundation is involved in diverse projects including its scholarship business, R&D financing, overseas training for teachers, educational welfare, sharing books, etc.

    • Doosan Art Center

      Doosan Art Center

      The Doosan Art Center, established to commemorate the 111th anniversary of Doosan’s incorporation, supports the latest efforts of young artists in its facilities, including Yonkang Hall, Space111 and Doosan Gallery.

    • DLI-Yonkangwon


      Established as Doosan’s global leader training institute, the DLI (Doosan Leadership Institute) supports the development of the group by devising and hosting diverse educational programs including workshops, forums, and seminars, and by cultivating talents based on the group’s core philosophy and values.

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