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By establishing governance and strategy for CSR, Doosan is systematically implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility.

The CSR Strategy of Doosan includes the goal of becoming Global CSR leading company by 2020, the mission of supporting responsible and sustainable growth, the three CSR pillars, and the seven CSR priorities.

The three pillars of the CSR strategy include the developing people, reliable operation, and responsible engagement, which also involve the following seven CSR priorities:

  • - Strengthen people development within the Group influence sphere
  • - Build Great Workplace with focus on human respect
  • - Minimize environmental footprints through green management
  • - Reinforce fair operation
  • - Improve product & service accountability
  • - Strengthen stakeholder participation
  • - Develop strategic community involvement & development.

Doosan’s CSR Strategy has great significance in that it has been introduced through the participation of the stakeholders in the preparation process and pointed out the core issues of CSR, which were the basis for the strategy, and its differentiation and excellence can be found in the clear representation of Doosan’s unique identity and CSR priorities. Also, the CSR strategy aims to reach beyond simple contribution, charity work or other philanthropic activities to meet the different demands of the stakeholders while improving the sustainability of the company.

Based on its CSR Strategy, Doosan will determine a CSR driving strategy for each field, minimize risks, improve business competitiveness, and determine activities that will contribute to creating shared values (CSV). The performances and future plans of such CSR activities can be available to all the stakeholders via the CSR report and other documents to be made public.

About Doosan’s Corporate Social Responsibility

Doosan aspires to be a global leading company through various CSR activities, creating value for all stakeholders.

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About Doosan’s Corporate Social Responsibility

What is the purpose of a business?
Of course, it involves making profits by producing products & services and creating employment. But is that all?
Doosan believes that the growth of business leads to the growth of people,
and that a company has a responsibility to contribute to future generations and humankind.
With this belief and philosophy, Doosan has been working to improve the quality of life for all.
The key is sustainability.
And Doosan is focused on creating a sustainable world through Corporate Social Responsibility.
We will identify, analyze and respond to the impacts our business activities have,
from local communities to the whole planet.
By fulfilling our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen,
Doosan will become the foundation of a sustainable society.
And in that sustainable society, Doosan will lead the way to a new future.
In this spirit, Doosan firmly believes that Corporate Social Responsibility will make us a more competitive business.
This is why Doosan has established a CSR strategy for its entire business group and built a unique business system.
At the center of Doosan’s long, successful history, we have always had faith in people.
And people are at the center of Doosan’s CSR.
Doosan’s focus on strengthening its global aspects is a key part of building trust with all its stakeholders.
Beyond mere philanthropy, we are dedicated to engaging with stakeholders at all levels of Doosan.
And all the CSR activities from every subsidiary around the world must be clearly explained.
Doosan understands the importance of creating a more compassionate society, to enrich humanity, and make a healthier planet.
And we firmly believe that taking those meaningful steps can be a major source of growth.
A leader in corporate social responsibility around the globe!
Proud global Doosan!
This is the bright future Doosan is dedicated to creating.
CSR Strategy: CSR Goals, Mission, Strategic direction, Priorities, Drive Base