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Meet Our People

Creators of performance with professionalism and unrelenting spirit, people who spearhead a successful and united organization with an open mindset – These are the people at Doosan who grow with the company.

Won Jang

Won Jang

Plant Equipment Business Group
CPE Sales 2 Team
Doosan Engineering & Construction

Won Jang
Won Jang

Since I joined Doosan in late 2009, I worked in the Overseas Business team and the Cambodia branch, and am currently working with the team in charge of overseas sales in the CPE (Chemical Process Equipment) division. The CPE team deals with chemical processing facilities such as reactors, heat exchangers and pressure containers, core components that Doosan supplies to oil refineries and gas and petrochemical plants. Doosan is an active player in this field, a leading enterprise equipped with globally renowned brand power and advanced technological capability.

The memories of happy moments like the Welcome Dinner, Pre-mentoring program and such are still very vivid, but the most memorable one would have to be my first anniversary with Doosan. That day, I didn’t realize it was the anniversary of my first year with Doosan, but my colleagues sent flowers and a letter to my parents back home to celebrate together. It was the day that my family felt warmth in their heart thanks to my team members. In the midst of hectic and tension-filled days as a newbie to a working life, it still makes me smile just thinking about such considerate moments that my colleagues have shown.

Doosan generates over 60% of its annual revenue and 40% of its human resources are based outside Korea, which means Doosan is undeniably a global corporation. I have been dreaming of becoming a global businessman since my school days, and the company seemed to offer great opportunities for my infinite growth. As the lyrics of Young Doosan Anthem says, Doosan is ‘opening all paths on earth’, paving its way around the world, something of which I feel extremely proud, and the same goes for any moment that I find myself growing in the organization.

Won Jang
Won Jang

Doosan is a young company that offers its employees open opportunities to the world. I’m a young member of Doosan with less than three years’ experience here, but I get to travel to different places all around the world including Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the Americas, as well as working in several overseas branches. Working with people around the world, communicating with them, and striving together towards common goals are all precious experiences that filled my heart with pride. A company with open opportunities for anyone, regardless of age or position, and a global company that is always current – that’s Doosan!

Many of you probably have seen our campaign, “Our People, Our Future”. It is from the very first line of Doosan’s charter of core values, the Doosan Credo. Just as the line says, Doosan is a place where people are the top priority in every business operation and investment. I can’t wait to meet the new Doosan recruits like you, who will grow with the job and contribute to the growth of company and join me in creating the next 100 years of Doosan through development and innovation.