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Meet Our People

Creators of performance with professionalism and unrelenting spirit, people who spearhead a successful and united organization with an open mindset – These are the people at Doosan who grow with the company.

Won Jang

Won Jang

Plant Equipment Business Group
Strategic Planning Team
Doosan Engineering & Construction

Won Jang
Won Jang

Since I joined Doosan in late 2009, I initially worked in the overseas business team before moving to the CPE (Chemical Process Equipment) sales team. Now, I am in charge of strategic operations. Overseas business was my primary interest in this company and, fortunately, I had an opportunity to work in the overseas sales department. I have also worked in the branch offices in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Houston, U.S.A. My current duties consist in analyzing a market and the management environment, establishing appropriate strategies and management objectives, and managing the execution of such strategies and objectives.

I remember many events in those days when I was a newcomer, particularly the welcome dinner and the pre-mentoring program. But the best memory of all is the first anniversary of my joining the company. On that very day, my teammates secretly sent my parents a flower basket with a letter of congratulations, which gave great pleasure to all my family. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere and warm-hearted behavior of my teammates, I, a nervous and inexperienced novice, was able to adapt to social life very successfully. The memory of those days still gives me the energy I need to do my job.

DOOSAN is a truly global company whose overseas sales account for 60% of its revenue source, while employees of foreign origin account for 40% of the workforce. Becoming a global businessman has been my dream ever since school days, and DOOSAN has opened up to me an unknown world where I can develop my abilities to the greatest possible extent. Like a line in the “Song of Young DOOSAN”, 'Tread every path on earth', DOOSAN is spreading throughout the world and I am very proud of it. I also feel great about developing myself and broadening the range of my experience.

Won Jang
Won Jang

DOOSAN is a young company that is wide open to every opportunity in the world. Since my earliest days at DOOSAN, I have been able to develop my global competence through various overseas business trips to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and America, and periods of overseas duty in Cambodia, Vietnam and the U.S.A. Such valuable experiences have provided me with many opportunities to communicate and cooperate with our foreign partners to achieve our common objectives. Furthermore, DOOSAN does not weigh your age and position. As long as you have a passion, DOOSAN will be your great chance in life. In this respect, DOOSAN is a really young and globalized enterprise.

"Your ability is our greatest asset for turning our dreams into reality". This is the first sentence of the DOOSAN Credo, which may be the essence of DOOSAN's core value. For DOOSAN, people are the main priority of all its activities and investments. I look forward to seeing the young DOOSAN talents who will create the next 100 years of DOOSAN as a global top company on the back of their own career development.