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Water Plants

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is one of the leading providers of water solutions. Our proven portfolio of MSF, MED and RO desalination technologies enables us to deliver high-efficiency turnkey solutions with the shortest lead times in the industry. With a full range of engineering services within the water & wastewater treatment sector, Doosan is your total water solution provider.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction: Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment
Water Treatment Equipment

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction greatly satisfies customers in various industrial sectors around the world by supplying them with differentiated, high-quality and high-efficiency products applicable to a wide range of water treatment areas.

Doosan Enpure
Doosan Hydro Technology

Related Products

  • Energy-saving membrane bioreactor (LENA MBR)

    Energy-saving membrane bioreactor (LENA MBR)

    LENA MBR technology offers advances in energy efficiency and membrane performance utilizing Inertia Force on Membrane Fibers by Reciprocating Motion as a Solution to Energy Intensive Air Scouring.

  • ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

    ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction provides highly efficient Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) facilities that use membrane and evaporation and concentration technologies to enable customers to minimize the waste of water with zero discharge of wastewater and build environment-friendly plants.

    Doosan Hydro Technology : ZLD

  • Ultrasonic solubilization device (sonixTM)

    Ultrasonic solubilization device (sonixTM)

    sonixTM uses ultrasound at 20kHz to enhance the solubility of organic sludge or other organic waste using cavitations. This not only maximizes sludge reduction in aerobic and anaerobic digestion ponds, but it also reduces sludge bulking and foam formation during wastewater treatment, while enhancing the removal of nitrogen and phosphorous when used with the Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) process.

    Doosan Enpure : sonixTM

  • DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)

    DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction owns Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process applicable to many aspects of water treatment. It also offers accumulated expertise and high-quality products that are highly received from its customers worldwide.

    Doosan Enpure : DAF

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