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In 1996, Doosan Magazine launched the first fashion magazine in Korea, Vogue, followed by refined magazines like GQ, Allure and W.

Doosan Magazine



Starting from the high-fashion magazine Vogue, Doosan Magazine has introduced a series of magazines, including GQ, Allure and W to the Korean market. Doosan Magazine is taking a pivotal role in leading trend and style, and inspiring the fashion industry and consumers. Doosan Magazine also creates content optimized for a wide range of digital platforms such as respective websites, social media and digital magazines for each media brand Doosan Magazine has evolved into a media company that publishes both print magazines and digital content.

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  • Vogue


    Vogue is the world’s best fashion magazine published in 19 countries around the world. Vogue Korea has also been leading the market, exerting a very powerful influence on the Korean fashion industry and its audiences since its launch in 1996. Vogue Korea is expanding its base into digital media such as the web and mobile site and social media.

    Vogue (Korean)

  • GQ


    GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) is the world’s leading lifestyle magazine for men and is published in 19 countries. The original magazine was launched in 1957 in the United States, and GQ Korea was launched in 2001 with the motto, “It’s good to be a man.” ”GQ” Korea has been leading men’s lifestyle with its exceptional content and unique perspectives.

    GQ (Korean)

  • Allure


    Allure is a beauty and lifestyle magazine launched in 2003. It provides a variety of lifestyle content including in-depth beauty articles, pragmatic female fashion suggestions, and lifestyle articles covering health, relationships, travel, and environment. The magazine also hosts influential annual events in the industry such as the Green Campaign, Beauty Fair, and Best of Beauty Award.

    Allure (Korean)

  • W


    W Korea, the first and only international edition of W magazine in the US, is a high fashion magazine that provides strong and creative visual content and witty feature articles. The magazine even distinguishes itself with its differentiated book size and unique paper. Its bi-annual supplements on accessories and beauty have always been beloved by its audiences. The magazine is making remarkable influence in the world of social media and mobile magazine.

    W (Korean)

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