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Doosan Corporation Glonet provides differentiated values to customers by developing and supplying bio-materials such as medical emulsifiers, and raw materials for skincare products.

Ingredients for Manufacturing

Ingredients for Manufacturing
Ingredients for Manufacturing

Doosan Corporation Glonet develops and commercializes diverse new bio-materials including the medical emulsifier PL95 – one of the next-generation world’s best products designated by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy in 2008 – which have been gaining popularity in global markets including China and India.

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  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    Using its own in-house biotechnology, Doosan Corporation Glonet produces high-purity phosphatide on par with medical grade products, clinical parenteral nutrition as designated by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Korean government, and a medical emulsifier for propofol. Glonet also provides technological services designed to meet the diverse demands of customers and the market.

  • Multipurpose Phosphatide

    Multipurpose Phosphatide

    Using its own in-house biotechnology, Doosan Corporation Glonet produces multipurpose phosphatide products to satisfy the diverse demands of customers and the market, and supply them to local and overseas agricultural markets. As a component of a cell membrane, phospholipid contains acethylcholine, a neurotransmitter, and can boost brain activity. Yolk lecithin extracted from egg yolk contains arachidonic acid and DHA, an ingredient of breast milk, as well as phospholipid, making it a choice material for baby foods, prepared milk powders and health foods. Doosan Corporation Glonet succeeded in developing Phosphatidylserine (PS), which has earned widespread praise in the United States, Japan and Korea for its beneficial effect on cerebral activity, and designation as a vital health food ingredient by the Korean Food and Drug Administration. Plant ceramide contains edible ingredients and helps moisturize and protect the skin smooth wrinkles.

  • Plant Bio-Regulator

    Plant Bio-Regulator

    Lysophosphatidylethanolamine (LPE) is contained in the cell membrane of all living organisms. Doosan Corporation Glonet is the first company in the world to succeed in mass producing LPE, which is extremely insoluble, and which has been developed as a natural plant bio-regulator by our proprietary dosage technology. LPE boosts the ripening, coloring, sugar content and growth of fruits, and is known to have a beneficial and totally harmless effect in improving the immunity of plants, making it suitable for organic farming and the production of high-quality farm products. Doosan Corporation Glonet is working with Young-il Chemicals, an affiliate of Nonghyup, on the commercialization of LPE in the local market, has signed an MOU contract with LG Life Science for the North, South and Central American markets, and is cooperating with agricultural chemical manufacturers in Turkey to set up a foundation for entry into the European market.

  • Functional Cosmetic Material

    Functional Cosmetic Material

    Doosan Corporation Glonet produces natural sphingolipid with structures similar to human skin, and supplies diverse phosphatides, natural extracts and compound products to meet the needs of customers and the market. Our products contain safe ingredients derived from natural sources, and provide great benefits in terms of moisturizing, whitening, smoothing and protecting the skin.

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