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Industrial Vehicle

Known for manufacturing Korea's first forklift in 1968, Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle has secured its place as the country's top logistics equipment manufacturer. It has not been displaced from the top place in the Korean forklift market by any competitor so far thanks to the superior durability and performance of its products. The company is also known as a global logistics equipment manufacturer with global-top forklift design capability, further confirming its reputation with victory in two of the top three design awards, the Red Dot Design Award and the if Design Award in 2011 for the CF, a futuristic forklift concept.

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle

Engine Forklift Trucks

Electric Forklift Trucks
Electric Forklift Trucks

Designed for power, durability, fuel efficiency, operational ease and even comfort of the operator, Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle’s engine forklifts provide more value than expected by customers at any site.

Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle : Engine Forklift

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  • Diesel Engine Forklift

    Diesel Engine Forklift

    Boasting exceptional performance, fuel efficiency and durability, Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle’s diesel engine forklifts are all the more powerful when required to shift grueling workloads. Meet the best partner for your warehouse – created using Doosan’s comprehensive experience and differentiated technology.

    Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle : Diesel Engine Forklift

  • LPG Engine Forklift

    LPG Engine Forklift

    Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle’s LGP engine forklift retains the inherent power of the engine-based forklift while eliminating exhaust and dramatically lowering vibration and noise emissions, guaranteeing the levels of productivity and economic feasibility needed by our customers whether in indoor or outdoor conditions.

    Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle : LPG Engine Forklift

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