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Since producing Korea’s very first diesel engine in 1958, we have supplied a wide variety of industrial diesel and natural gas engines all around the world. We also succeeded in developing small industrial engines that meet Tier 4 Final, the most stringent exhaust emissions regulation in the world, which will be equipped in various small items of equipment.

Doosan Infracore Engine

As a comprehensive engine manufacturer, Doosan Engine is a leader in the field of internal combustion power plant construction with diesel engines, as well as building engines for large ships, a core area of the shipbuilding business.

Doosan Engine

Marine Diesel Engines

Marine Diesel Engines
Marine Diesel Engines

Doosan boasts extensive experience as a top-tier builder of marine diesel engines in the global market, and our integrated service system extends from new model design and production to sales and after-sales services. These valuable assets enable us to meet increasingly diversified customer needs and provide engines that satisfy ever-stricter environmental regulations.

Doosan Engine : Marine Diesel Engines

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  • Low Speed Diesel Engine

    Low Speed Diesel Engine

    Doosan Engine is the leading player in low speed diesel/gas power plants. Aggregate production reached the 80 million bhp mark in world record time, evidence of our extensive performance record and experience. We have achieved several milestones in the industry to include the world’s first large electronically-controlled marine engine in 2003, and the world’s largest marine engine to date in 2005. In 2013, we became the first engine builder to commercialize a Dual-Fuel low speed engine.

    Doosan Engine : Low Speed Diesel Engine

  • Medium Speed Diesel Engine

    Medium Speed Diesel Engine

    Doosan Engine installed the industry’s first moving assembly line in the Medium-speed Engine Shop. Our “foolproof production system” helps to ensure flawless products, while the product packages combined with low speed diesel/gas power plants and the Single Guarantee Policy help maximize customer satisfaction.

    Doosan Engine : Medium Speed Diesel Engine

  • Eco-Friendly System

    Eco-Friendly System

    A selective catalytic reduction system solely based on Doosan Engine’s innovative technology. DelNOx is an eco-friendly method to remove up to 90% of nitrogen oxide released in exhaust gas from engines.

    Doosan Engine : Eco-Friendly System

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