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Since producing Korea’s very first diesel engine in 1958, we have supplied a wide variety of industrial diesel and natural gas engines all around the world. We also succeeded in developing small industrial engines that meet Tier 4 Final, the most stringent exhaust emissions regulation in the world, which will be equipped in various small items of equipment.

Doosan Infracore Engine

CNG Engines

CNG Engines
CNG Engines

The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines are fully developed through accumulated engineering expertise in the diesel engines. The eco-friendly and high efficient CNG engines are designed to maximize customer value

Doosan Infracore Engine : CNG Engines

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  • Power Generation CNG Engine

    Power Generation CNG Engine

    Environmentally-friendly engines powered by natural gas maximize customer profits with great economic feasibility. They are categorized into engines for thermal-integrated power generators and engines for general power generators. Doosan Infracore manufactures engines characterized by a diverse power range.

    Doosan Infracore Engine : Power Generation CNG Engine

  • On-Highway CNG Engine

    On-Highway CNG Engine

    Doosan Infracore is mass-producing engines to meet the US2010 emission regulations applied to diesel and CNG engine vehicles across the U.S., as well as the EURO-5 and EURO-5 regulations applied to diesel vehicles throughout the EU. As such, the company is capable of providing eco-friendly engines that meet global emission regulations.

    Doosan Infracore Engine : On-Highway CNG Engine

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