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Construction Equipment

Doosan Infracore’s Construction Equipment Business has established a lineup of excavators, wheel loaders, and articulated dump trucks and secured a production, sale, and distribution network around the world, emerging as a major global general construction machinery company today.

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment

Doosan Bobcat is armed with a business portfolio of diverse products ranging from the best-in-class small equipment including small-size loaders, mini-excavators, utility equipment, and telescopic handlers to portable power and attachments.

Doosan Bobcat : Construction Equipment



Doosan Infracore’s excavator provides the ultimate in productivity and satisfaction coupled with peerless excavation capability, high performance, great fuel efficiency and simple control.

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment : Excavator

Related Products

  • Heavy Excavators

    Heavy Excavators

    Doosan Infracore’s medium-large excavator boasts a a robust body for stable work, and superior power for ultimate performance, regardless of the work conditions. Its high quality and durability will increase your equipment operation rate and asset value, leading to ultimate satisfaction.

    Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment : Heavy Excavators

  • Wheel Excavators

    Wheel Excavators

    Doosan Infracore’s wheel excavator delivers outstanding performance and stability, as well as enhanced fuel efficiency, making it most suitable for this era of high fuel prices. It is a customer-oriented piece of machinery equipped with diverse convenience accessories such as a large monitor and a rear view camera.

    Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment : Wheel Excavator

  • Mini Excavators

    Mini Excavators

    Doosan Infracore’s mini excavator offers powerful digging capability, great hoisting power, and convenience for diverse work environments, and can be easily controlled in tight space. Regardless of the conditions, our small excavators guarantee the highest level of efficiency backed with the ultimate performance.

    Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment : Mini Excavator

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