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Construction & Engineering

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction applies its superior, proprietary technologies and comprehensive experience in numerous projects, including thermal power plants and nuclear power plants both in Korea and abroad. The company is emerging as a global leader in the construction and engineering market, having accumulated abundant experience in construction, engineering, public works and plants, as well as taking part in diverse civil engineering projects.

Doosan Engineering & Construction : Construction/Engineering
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction: Construction/Engineering



Having established itself in thermal and combined cycle EPC power plant fields, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction performs numerous projects of high quality, including nuclear power plants, LNG and transmission lines.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction : Plant

Related Products

  • Nuclear Power Plant

    Nuclear Power Plant

    After working on Uljin plant units 1 and 2, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction successfully completed units 3 and 4, the Korean standard nuclear power plants, followed by units 5 and 6, and is currently working on Shin-Kori plant units 3 and 4, units 5 and 6. The company’s technology and know-how enables it to take part in next-generation nuclear power plant projects, nuclear plant waste disposal projects, plant performance improvement projects, service life extension and retirement projects, and overseas nuclear plant projects. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction now aims to become the world’s best company in the nuclear power industry.

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction : Nuclear Power Plant
    Doosan Power System: Nuclear

  • Cogeneration/LNG


    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is securing its position as a total plant company of cogeneration plants, LNG terminal and main pipe line construction projects, including Songdo cogeneration plant, Saemangeum Collective Energy Facility, Samcheok LNG Terminal #5~7 and Uljin-Sokcho Main Piping Construction.

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction : Cogeneration/LNG

  • Transmission Line

    Transmission Line

    A power transmission line supplies electricity from power plants to homes and factories. Doosan Engineering & Construction successfully installed the Danjin 765kV line, the Uljin-Shintaebaek 765kV line, and the Yangyang-Donghae 345kV line among others, and has begun expanding into overseas markets since winning a contract for a T/L project in Cambodia. The company is directing its efforts into building environmentally-friendly transmission lines on the basis of optimal site selection and differentiated transport methodology.

    Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction : Transmission Line
    Doosan Engineering & Construction : Transmission Line

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