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Doota, the shopping mall operated by Doosan Tower, is renowned as a shopping hot spot visited by more than 20 million people each year.

Doosan Tower

Doosan Cuvex provides "fun and energy" radiating from the prestigious Ladena Golf Club and the scenic Ladena Condominum.

Doosan Cuvex

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Since its launch in the beautiful lake city of Chuncheon in 1987, Doosan Cuvex has specialized in the leisure industry, and has been operating the prestigious Ladena Golf Club and the scenic Ladena Condominum. The name Ladena is a compound word deriving from the words 'Lake', 'Garden' and 'Nature', and represents Doosan Cuvex's goal of providing prestigious leisure activities amid a beautiful natural scenic garden and a crystal clear lake. The Ladena Golf Club and the Ladena Condominium are multipurpose leisure spaces that offer Fun and Energy while creating a new luxury trend of leisure and culture amid gorgeous natural surroundings.

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Ladena Golf Club

Ladena Golf Club

The Ladena Golf Club boasts a superb natural background, picturesque scenery and admirably crafted courses designed to strike a balance with nature. The club has 27 holes, a 108 par, and three courses called Lake , 'Garden and Nature .

Ladena Resort : Ladena Golf Club

Ladena Condominium

Ladena Condominium

Fantastic views of the lake, dazzling natural surroundings, and an unforgettable barbeque enhance the fun and relaxation to be enjoyed at the Ladena Condominium on Uiamh Lake. The condominium offers top quality service and excellent convenience facilities for sightseeing, sports and partying, as well as educational sessions and seminars, and diverse entertainment activities.

Ladena Resort : Ladena Condominium