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Financial Services

Doosan Capital was founded in 1995 and has provided a suite of financial services that includes installment loans and leasing. We are acknowledged as the market leader in equipment financing and leasing in Korea.

Doosan Capital

Neoplux offers direct investment and related services as an investment firm specializing in venture capital, corporate restructuring and operations consulting.


Machinery Financing Investment



The investment division of Neoplux operates venture investment and PE (Private Equity) investment businesses for local and overseas companies. Neoplux pursues partnerships based on a Win-Win concept that improves corporate values through the provision of active post-investment management support rather than seeking short-term profits.


Related Products

Venture Investment

Neoplux locates newly incorporated companies endowed with the resources and innovative technologies needed to succeed in the competitive market, and contributes to improving the expertise of such companies by providing management consulting and systems.

PE Investment

Neoplux supports the growth and development of promising companies through investment by raising funds and taking part in their management, and links strategy development with management capacity to improve the value of such companies in order to build a differentiated investment model.