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Equipped with a full lineup of multipurpose diesel and gas engines that meet the ever stricter global environmental regulations, the engine division of Doosan Infracore is growing into the world's best engine supplier.

Doosan Infracore Engine

As a comprehensive engine manufacturer, Doosan Engine is a leader in the field of internal combustion power plant construction with diesel engines, as well as building engines for large ships, a core area of the shipbuilding business.

Doosan Engine

Marine Diesel Engine

Marine Diesel Engine

Doosan Engine produces and supplies low-speed 2-stroke diesel engines for large containerships, bulk carriers, crude oil carriers (VLCCs and ULCCs), and other tankers, and mid-speed 4-stroke diesel engines for the main and auxiliary engines of passenger ships and special purpose vessels.

Doosan Engine : Diesel Engine for Ship

Doosan Infracore Engines supplies 15 types of main and auxiliary marine engines to more than 70 countries around the world. Built to cross oceans, some of our engines are as large as the 4V222TI engine, which is 1,200 horse power.

Doosan Infracore Engine : Generator Diesel Engine