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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction owns core technologies and ongoing performance with the three core components of the power generation business - boilers, turbines and generators. The acquisition of Babcock of the U.K. and Skoda Power of the Czech Republic further consolidated our competitiveness. Doosan is also making substantial inroads into the eco-friendly power generation business including wind power and fuel cell.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction: Energy

Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell has a full lineup of products, from power generation to residential use, based on its proprietary fuel cell technologies. We provide environmentally-friendly power generation solutions that reduce carbon emissions and minimize air and noise pollution, while guaranteeing high-efficiency.

Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell

Power Plant EPC

Power Plant EPC

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction conducts the entire production process ranging from design, procurement of supplies, and construction to follow-up services for coal-fired plants, combined cycle power plants, nuclear plants, etc. The company is recognized as having secured the best-in-the-industry competitiveness by building and installing the turn-key based Samchunpo thermal power plant, the largest drum-type flaming coal plant in Korea, as well as by winning contracts for massive power plants in India and Egypt.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction : Power Plant

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Coal-Fired Thermal Plant

Coal-Fired Thermal Plant

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has participated in the construction of coal-fired thermal power plants around the world by building facilities such as boilers, turbines, and generators, as well as providing comprehensive engineering services covering design, construction, supervision and commissioning. The company has taken the lead in the Korean power plant market by supplying main and supplementary facilities to the plants in Taean, Yeongheung and Dangjin, the plants with the largest capacity in Korea, and building the 7th and 8th Handong coal-fired thermal plants, while earning global recognition for its world-class quality by constructing the 4,000MW class Mundra coal thermal plant, which has the largest capacity in the world.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction : Coal-Fired Thermal Plant

Combined Cycle Power Plant

Combined Cycle Power Plant

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction occupies the biggest share of the global market for HRSGs, a core facility for combined thermal power generation, delivering lower cost and higher efficiency compared to general thermal power plants, and has secured the technologies for building both gas and steam turbines. The company performed design, construction, supervision, and commissioning for facilities supplied to combined cycle plants in western Incheon, new Incheon areas, Pyeongtaek, and Busan, while providing HRSGs to diverse combined cycle plants in the Middle East, Europe, and Central and Latin America. Now, with such experience and superior technologies under its belt, the company is working on combined cycle power plants using EPC for JBL M of the United Arab Emirates and Qatalum of Qatar.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction : Combined Cycle Power Plant