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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction owns core technologies and ongoing performance with the three core components of the power generation business - boilers, turbines and generators. Doosan is also making substantial inroads into the eco-friendly power generation business including wind power, ESS (Energy Storage System) and microgrid.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction: Energy

Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell has a full lineup of products, from power generation to residential use, based on its proprietary fuel cell technologies. We provide environmentally-friendly power generation solutions that reduce carbon emissions and minimize air and noise pollution, while guaranteeing high-efficiency.

Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

A fuel cell is an energy conversion device that produces electricity and heat through a combustion-free chemical reaction of a fuel and oxygen. Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell provides eco-friendly and high-efficiency energy solutions through distributed power generation.

Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell : High-capacity fuel cell systems (Korean)
Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell : Small-capacity fuel cell systems (Korean)

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Power generation fuel cell cogeneration system

Power generation fuel cell cogeneration system

By operating fuel cell cogeneration systems—which are space-efficient, zero-emission and noise-free—eco-friendly electric power and heat can be reliably supplied to residential, commercial and industrial complexes.

Doosan Corporation Fuel Cell : High-capacity fuel cell systems