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Chemical Process Equipment

Doosan E&C has the No. 1 contracting record in the world for its CPE (Chemical Process Equipment) products in the extra large/large chemical processing machine industry. Armed with exceptional technology for extensive site and optimal cutting-edge facilities in Korea and Vietnam, the company supplies reactors, towers/columns, heat exchangers, and pressure containers, etc.

Doosan Engineering & Construction : Chemical Process Equipment

Tower & Column Heat Exchanger Tubular Reactor & Methanol Converter Reactor

Tubular Reactor & Methanol Converter

Tubular Reactor & Methanol Converter

With high-precision technologies that are unrivalled among its competitors, Doosan E&C manufactures high-value tubular reactors, such as methanol converters, which process and convert the SYN gas (synthetic gas from coal) generated by the evaporation of solid coal into methanol.