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Brand at Work

For Business Partners

Assuming responsibility for the safety of not just its own employees,but also those of its partner companies.

  • There’s no discrimination when it comes to safety.
  • We seek genuine teamwork beyond partnerships.

While the boiler installation work was under way in Al Khalij, Libya, civil war and massive demonstrations broke out.

Doosan immediately evacuated all its employees in accordance with the employee safety program.

By utilizing all available resources including the Korean government and local diplomatic channels, the company managed to send in a chartered flight on which 270 people were safely flown out to Egypt.

The fact that only 8 people among the evacuees were original Doosan crew while the others were 50 employees from outsourced partners and 212 local workers attests to Doosan’s dedication to true teamwork.

Cooperation beyond business partnerships – this is Doosan’s fundamental philosophy.

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