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Brand at Work

For Employees

Doosan people are proud to be part of the company.

  • Doosan respects each and every individual as a human being and pays close and sincere attention to their growth.
  • The company shares common goals, which are attained through true teamwork based on fair rules, with warmth and confidence.

“I feel proud and happy that the products created with our own sweat and effort are exported globally. My dream is to do my best here at Doosan Vina, and to eventually become a top engineer contributing to the country and the company.”
– Pham Minh Cuong, Doosan Vina (Vietnam)

“I barely knew about Doosan when I first joined the company. But its attitude toward and respect for the employees really impressed me. The level of respect for people is surely different, and I was touched by the systematic care offered to us, such as the Experience Doosan program for overseas branch staff.”
– Myomin Sarulahm, Doosan Engineering & Service, U.S.

“Korean culture, with its passion for work and innovation, Czech culture, with its strong sense of independence and rich imagination amid a fast-changing environment, and British culture, which is based on pragmatism and rationalism, are all mixed into one optimal combination to achieve a great synergy. I’m more than happy to be working in the mix.”
– Danuel Frochazka, Doosan Skoda Power, Czech

“I never felt this kind of emotion in any of my former jobs. Doosan always ensures the rights, responsibility and support needed for my work, which makes me happy to work for Doosan. My pride from being a part of this great team and contributing to it is infinite.”
– BS Srinivas, Doosan Infracore India, India

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Working at Doosan

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