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Doosan suggests the most efficient solution by taking into careful consideration the voices of customers.

  • We are here for our customers. We carefully listen to the voices of our customers and position ourselves as reliable partners by flexibly coping with the needs of our customers.

When Saline Water Conversion Corporation(SWCC) requested Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction to resolve the water deficiency problem in Medina of Saudi Arabia, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction could have chosen one of the three seawater desalination technologies that ensured the highest profit. Note, however, that our customer was requesting for a method that would not only enhance the efficiency of the power plant but also cut production cost at the same time. Therefore, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction set the satisfaction of customer’s needs as the top priority and approached this issue with the mindset that efficiency will be achieved by eliminating unnecessary components.

Through an exhaustive analysis of the surplus resources of the Yanbu region such as leftover steam of a local power plant, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction proposed a solution that utilizes the pipes through which local power plants’ steam moves and the nearby land where the pipes are installed. Such approach fully satisfied the needs of SWCC for enhancement of efficiency and reduction in production cost; thus inspiring confidence in Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction among our customers.

In this context, Doosan’s objective is not just to maximize profit but to pay careful attention to the voices of customers and aggressively take action to resolve any inconvenience faced by customers.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

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