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Brand at Work

For Customers

Doosan Infracore Machine Tools - always work with the customers.

Doosan Infracore Machine Tools - always work with the customers.
  • - We are all ears to any opinions and comments.
  • - Process of systematic involvement of partner companies, dealers and customers.

Customers are why we are here!

As they demand ever more, we have to come up with innovative solutions to ensure we remain competitive.

Like our competitors, Doosan Infracore Machine Tools used to determine customers’ needs, reflect them in product development and then verify them later on, only to realize that such processes didn't work well enough to completely fulfill those needs. Therefore, the company became the first in the industry to build a system whereby a panel of customers, dealers and experts in the market and industry play active roles in the development process.

The members of the expert panel still participate in product development with an open mind to make direct comments on improvements or exchange new ideas.

Doosan always listens to comments and criticism from customers, to which we actively respond.

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