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March 12,2012  |  Doosan Heavy industries Vietnam

Doosan Vina’s founder pays a visit to Vietnam

    March 12th, 2012
    Dung Quat, Quang Ngai, Viet Nam: Park Yong Sung who gave birth to Doosan’s 300 million USD, 2,000 employee investment in Central Vietnam, known as Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam, paid a working visit to the company’s Quang Ngai complex.

March 12th, 2012
Dung Quat, Quang Ngai, Viet Nam: Park Yong Sung who gave birth to Doosan’s 300 million USD, 2,000 employee investment in Central Vietnam, known as Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam, paid a working visit to the company’s Quang Ngai complex.

Mr. Park’s numerous achievements, appointments and awards include: an MBA from New York University, Chairman of the Doosan Group, Member of the International Olympic Committee and Chairman of Chung Ang University which has helped many Vietnamese cleft palate children with cleft palates to have a normal life.

Since 1995 Mr. Park has been the driving force behind Doosan’s Vietnamese expansion and nearly half billion USD investment in Vietnam. Doosan first began with what is now Doosan Vina Hai Phong, that was followed with the opening of Doosan Hanoi office and in 2009 the 300 million USD “Forward Strategic Production Base” in central Vietnam known as Doosan Vina was opened. The company is also developing one of Vietnam’s biggest mixed use developments in Hanoi know as Habico Towers and leading several other major infrastructure projects such as Mong Duong II.

On a tour of the Dung Quat operations Park took time out of his schedule to check on a couple of the company’s CSR activities. First was a trip to the Binh Thuan Primary school that nearly 200 Doosan Vina employees recently gave an extensive renovation and committed 300 million VND in additional assistance.

While touring the school Park said, “this school is in better shape because of the employees’ recent efforts and our commitment is to continue the support. Conditions at the school I attended in Busan many years ago were far worse than this, but it’s a different world today and children need a good environment if they are to get an education that will allow them to compete in today’s global marketplace, so we will do all we can to see that happen.”

After leaving the school Park made a stop at Doosan’s married family apartment complex in Van Tuong and met some of the families that live there. While walking around the complex one reporter asked why Doosan choose Vietnam for such massive investments, Park said, “there is only one reason and that’s because the Vietnamese people are the most industrious and hardest working people in Asia, they started way behind many countries in the region, but they are catching up fast and I am certain they will be the next Asian power house.”

The final stop before heading back to Korea was to visit seven year old Pham Cong Dai and his family. Dai and his parents have been flown to Korea twice so that Dai could undergo reconstructive surgery related to a cleft palate disorder at Chung Ang University Medical Center, where Park in Chairman.

A short while ago Dai and family moved into a new home courtesy of another of Doosan Vina’s outreaches called the Charity Union. Park wanted to see firsthand the outcome of the surgeries and inspect the new house personally. “Dai has been taken under the Doosan Wing and he and his family are special people and we consider it an honor to help them,” said Park.

Speaking with Mr. Le Quang Thich, Vice Chairman of the Quang Ngai PPC, who accompanied Park, thanked him and Doosan for the extensive capital and social investments in Vietnam. Park responded by saying, “We help the people because it is the right thing to do, and we want to create a self sustaining social environment that will improve life for the people and that in turn will attract more businesses to the area, that will create more jobs and that in turn will improve life further, so the circle will continue to grow and improve.”

Before boarding a flight at Chu lai, Park said if we look at Korea 30 or 40 years ago Vietnam today is in a better position, and with the determination of the leadership of Vietnam and a people that understand and are not afraid of hard work, I am sure Vietnam is going to be the next Asian Tiger.”

To date, after four years in operation, Doosan Vina has many significant contributions to Quang Ngai’s and Vietnam’s economic. The economic impact that the company brings in is approximately at 65 million USD per year and a total of 1.5 million USD for CSR activities has been extracted including: medical & education care, medical equipment donation and many other needed activities.

Doosan Vina
Doosan Vina is a high tech industrial complex in the Dung Quat Economic Zone of Central Vietnam’s Quang Ngai Province. The company supplies the mega infrastructure products that make modern life a reality. Doosan Vina’s products include: Boilers for thermal power plants, Heat Recovery Steam Generators that increase the efficiency of a typical power plant by over 30%, Desalination plants the size of a football pitch that turn sea water into fresh, Material Handling Systems like the cranes that are the heart of logistics at ports around the world and Chemical Processing Equipment that turns the earth’s natural resources into the useful products we use every day.

The Doosan Group
The Doosan Group is a global multinational focusing on Power, Water and other infrastructure developments worldwide. The company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, has operations in 37 countries, over 35,000 employees and $22billion in annual revenue.

P1: Mr. Park Yong Sung (right), Doosan’s Chairman in the Boiler Shop with Mr. Chi Song Wook, Doosan Vina’s Boiler Director.
P2: Mr. Le Quang Thich, Quang Ngai PPC Vice Chairman welcomed by Mr. Hang Ha Ryu (left), Doosan Vina’s General Director and Mr. Park Yong Sung, a Doosan Chairman
P3: Mr. Park Yong Sung (left), a Doosan Chairman and Doosan Vina’s BOM tour the Doosan Vina Complex
P4: Mr. Park Yong Sung, a Doosan Chairman talks to students of Binh Thuan Primary School
P5: Mr. Park Yong Sung, a Doosan Chairman at master Pham Cong Dai’s and his family’s new house built by the Doosan Vina Charity Union.

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