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Doosan Infracre Construction Equipment

Genuine Doosan Filters

Contaminants are the enemies of the internal system of the equipment. A decrease in performance filtration allows the contaminants to penetrate into the internal system and cause the failure and expensive repair costs of critical components. To maintain the cleanliness of the system is a very important point to reduce costs for equipment maintenance.


Filters are one of the most important parts of the equipment. Genuine Doosan filters, in their development process, pass a variety of the precise tests such as those of the pressure resistance, impact, flow, differential pressure strength, filtration efficiency, vibration, and oil skimming. Designed and developed for an optimal matching to Doosan equipment and engine systems, they offer the highest level of cleanliness and performance. A selection of Genuine Doosan filters is a choice for quality, productivity, profitability, life of the equipment and its safety, which all supports the customer’s investment protection.

Engine Oil Filter
Engine Oil Filter

Engine components and parts require lubrication, and engine oil provides essential lubrication to the moving parts of engine. If it becomes contaminated, whether by dust, water and so on, the wear of the engine components and parts will be increased. To keep the engine in the best state, it is necessary to have an optimal filtering. Thereby, we can improve the engine performance and extend its life.

  • Capturing the contaminants before they cause the damage to the engine, through the wide face of a special filter media
  • Long service intervals and greater filtration capacity
  • Bonded joints to prevent leaks due to vibration and pressure
  • Center tube for protecting the filter media
  • Heavy-duty metal dome case that endures against shock and pressure fatigue
  • Special rubber seal for the filter and mounting
  • Spin-on thread plate is easy to install
Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter

The fuel pumps and injectors work under high-pressure and so need cleaner fuels. Pollutants introduced into the engine system can cause a loss of engine power, or even its damage. The fuel filter has the role of separating the pollutants that cause damage or corrosion of the fuel pump and injectors. Fuel filters remove the debris and improve the engine performance, extending its life.

  • Designed to handle the demanded filtration capacity, resisting a wide range of operating pressures and vibrations in the fuel system
  • Long service intervals and greater filtration capacity
  • Prevention of the pump wear and the clogging of the fuel injectors
  • Filtration of the contaminants and removal of the moisture through the water separator
  • Special seal to prevent leakage
  • Support for better burn and lower emissions
  • Designed to meet the stringent specifications of the new engine
Hydraulic Oil Filter
Hydraulic Oil Filter

Doosan Genuine hydraulic oil filter cylinders have high cleaning efficiency and filtration capacity that protect critical hydraulic components and parts such as the motors, pumps and valves. They satisfy the requirements of the hydraulic systems of Doosan equipments.

  • Manufactured with a special filter media that enables a low friction and high fluid flow
  • High cleaning efficiency and low wear
  • High filtration capacity and ongoing performance
  • Case head and seal to prevent the leakage
  • Long life and low cost
  • Eco-friendly
Air Filter
Air Filter

Clean air is essential to continue running the engine smoothly. Since the air intake system takes in both the air and dust particles, the air filter must filter out the harmful dust particles from the air to prevent engine wear. If the contaminated air enters the engine, the cylinder and piston ring experience serious degradation and a poor performance, while this will also cause incomplete combustion (shown by the emission of black exhaust smoke). In addition, should this occur, the oil consumption will simultaneously increase. Inhaled air must be mixed properly with the fuel. For the mixture, the cleaning efficiency and filtration capacity of the engine filter are very important for the engine’s safe operation and long life. This is the reason why a Genuine Doosan air filter should be used. To maintain a longer life and performance of the engine we should utilize a Genuine Doosan air filter.

  • Manufactured with a filter media that has a high cleaning efficiency and decreases the engine wear
  • Effective mixture of the rough and fine media fibers
  • Large filtration capacity and a wide filtration area to prevent early clogging
  • Maintenance of the filter media wrinkles in the conditions of the worst vibration
  • Solid inner and outer liner to protect the filter media
  • Design of the redial seal to prevent the contaminated air’s entering
  • Two-phase system of the air filtration devices
  • Safety (secondary) filter to protect the engine in case of the damage or replacement of the main (primary) filter