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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has been developing its own offshore wind power generation system. The pilot model has been in operation at Jeju island since August 2009. We have since installed additional units throughout Korea.


  • Blade Design to Ensure Wind Load Optimization, Light Weight, and Application of Advanced Technology
  1. A blade is a device that converts wind energy into rotational force. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction designs the blade for optimum wind loads to achieve both high efficiency and low loads. We have developed a blade that is strong and light by optimizing the structure and applying advanced manufacturing technology.

  2. The blade designed with Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction's in-house technology is optimized in terms of performance, load and price.
Drive Train
  1. WinDS3000™ has adopted an innovative single-piece drive train without a main shaft to reduce the weight of the nacelle and system load as well as to save on cost.
Speed Increaser
  • Small, light and Reliable WinDS3000™ Speed Increaser
  1. It is a device that converts the slow rotational speed of the blade to fast rotational speed necessary for power generation.

  2. WinDS3000™ adopts differential movement gears, flexible pins and rotating housing technology to ensure high efficiency and reliability as well as a 30% weight and size reduction compared to conventional speed increasers.

  3. Due to the replacement cost and time and the low accessibility in offshore conditions, the need for repairs was been taken into consideration and a highly durable gearbox was designed.
  • High Efficiency and High Reliability Permanent Magnetic Generator
  1. WinDS3000™ has a permanent magnetic generator that offers high operating efficiency even at low loads. Moreover, its adoption of a full power converter minimizes the impacts of system instability.
Offshore Installation
  1. Offshore wind energy has caught the attention of the world as a future energy source for its relatively uniform wind, high speeds and the potential to build large complexes.

  2. WinDS3000™ has adopted a corrosion resistant, sealed cooling system and offers the reliability of key parts enabled by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction's power generation equipment know-how and technology.

  3. Featuring an innovative maintenance crane and a remote monitoring and diagnosis system, it satisfies the customer requirements for an offshore system.

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