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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

power & water

Global Leader in EPC

World's Top Class Products

Effort to Manufacture World’s Best Products Many of Doosan Heavy Industries Construction’s products have been selected as World Class Product of Korea proving our capability. Recreation of Korean Nuclear History We supply APR1400, our own model, and Westinghouse's AP1000 to all throughout the world, based on its world top class quality and technology. Excellent Power Solutions Through oil-powered boilers for thermal power plant  widely supplied to the Middle East and eco-friendly, highly-efficient HRSGs, we provide excellent power solutions all over the world. Partner to Korean Shipbuilding Industry Crankshaft and stern frame casting for large ships are buttressing global No.1 Korean Shipping Industry. Artificial Oasis in the Desert A desalination plant, Doosan Heavy Industries Construction’s first product to be designated as World Class Product of Korea, creates a vast artificial oasis in the desert. Technology-intensive Products Mold steels, work rolls, and hydro turbine castings prove our highly-advanced and technology-intensive manufacturing ability. 세계 최고 수준의 명장 두산중공업은 대한민국 명장 11명, 품질명장 23명 등 총 34명의 명장을 보유하고 있으며, 직원들이 보유한 기술관련 자격증도 총 2천여 개로 최고수준의 기술력을 자랑합니다.

Cutting-edge Technology for Earth and Human Beings

New Renewable Energy Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction continues developing technologies to produce electricity using the environmentally friendly clean energy. Low Carbon Power Generation Technology Doosan Heavy Industries Construction has secured three major technologies for the $50~$60 billion per year low carbon power generation market. Fuel Cell Doosan Heavy Industries Construction developed Korea’s first 25Kw stack, which is the key part of fuel cell, a low pollution, high efficiency power generation system. USC Coal-Fired Power Plant Doosan Heavy Industries Construction is building the USC Coal-Fired Power Plant  which is the environmentally friendly by increasing the efficiency and reducing the fuel consumption. Nuclear Power Plant Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is Korean only company which can manufacture the main equipment of nuclear power plants. Global Leader in Water Water R&D Center and Doosan Hydro Technology are carrying out studies to resolve water shortage.

Social Responsibility

Together with Global Neighbors Doosan Heavy Industries Construction sites worldwide are carrying out various activities of medical service,  educational opportunity. Together with Local Residents Being the leading company in its region, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction extends its warm helping hands to where they are needed. With Doosan Family Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction offers a stage  in which its employees and their families become one  as a Doosan Family. The growth and self-reliance of human resources With the slogan ‘The growth and self-reliance of human  resources’, Doosan Heavy is conducting far-reaching  CSR activities by supporting teenagers and human resources in the community. Staff members’ volunteer service Doosan CSR volunteers are putting, 'volunteer sharing activities' into practice in order to create a beautiful society where people live in harmony with neighbors.

Global Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Global Network Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction’s world network includes the affiliates and branches in 33 cities in 21 countries. Global Production System Doosan Heavy Industries Construction is manufacturing products of the highest quality at its UK, Czech and Vietnamese factories in addition to Changwon Factory in Korea. Wherever It is on the Globe Doosan Heavy industries & Construction will be there if  there are needs for electricity and water. No sun sets at Doosan Heavy Industries Construction. Global Project Projects orders received by Doosan Heavy Industries Construction are designed and manufactured at the engineering centers worldwide and then sent to the construction sites. Global Doosan Family Experts of different nationalities and races worldwide are working together under the name of Doosan Family to enhance the value of earth.

Active Sports Marketing

KLPGA’s Only Match Play Golf Championship Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is contributing to Korea’s professional golf circuit by hosting the Doosan Match Play Championship. Promotion of Soccer in Asia Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction participates as the title sponsor in the Doosan Asian Dream Cup to contribute to the Asian soccer community . History Meets History Doosan, the oldest company in Korea, became the first Korea-based company to become an official sponsor of Britain’s 'The Open' in 2010. Support of Corporate Team Sport Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is contributing to the development of Korea's corporate team sports. Sponsorship of Doosan Bears Doosan is sponsoring the Doosan Bears, the most popular professional baseball team in Korea, and is thus striving to expedite baseball’s development and promote the Doosan brand. ‘Doosan’ in Europe, the Home of Soccer Skoda Power, an affiliate of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, is promoting the Doosan brand in the European market.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction at Work

Our role in driving Korea's economic growth has been significant. We fabricate cast and forged materials needed by industry, and we supply industry inside and outside the country with power generation facilities (both nuclear and thermal), desalination plants, environmental plants and material handling systems.