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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction

Business Establishment (1960~1980)

Business Establishment

Korea's first machinery industrial complex for heavy industries was established in Changwon under the support of the Korean Government.

  • 1962Hyundai Yanghaeng founded
  • 1973Government announces heavy industry promotion plan
    Changwon designated as the country’s first industrial complex
  • 1976Construction work starts on Changwon Plant
    Receives first power system order from CE
  • 1977Produces large-capacity power plant Boilers
  • 1980Renamed HANJUNG

50 Years of Excellence

50 Years of Excellence

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Foundation Setting (1981~2000)

Foundation Setting

By created a solid foundation for Korea's largest comprehensive heavy machinery factory, the Company began the first steps in the march for growth and development.

  • 1981Advances to desalination market
    Acquires six ASME stamps for first time
  • 1982Changwon Plant completed - the largest factory of its kind in the world Operates Korea’s first 13,000 ton press
  • 1985Receives first turn-key contract (Assir Desalination Plant in Saudi Arabia)
  • 1991Uljin power plant named "Power Plant of the Year" by Power magazine
  • 1993Awarded "Grand Prize for Quality Management" by Korean Standard Association Acquires ISO 9001 Certificate
  • 1996Taean Thermal Power Plant named "Power Plant of the Year" by Power Engineering magazine
  • 1997Adopts 6 quality management program
  • 1998Acquires ISO 14001 Certificate
  • 1999Integrates of domestic power and engine industries (Hyundai Heavy Industries and Samsung Heavy Industries) into HANJUNG
  • 2000Goes public and is listed on Korean stock market
    Awarded "Grand Prize for Quality Management" by Korean Standard Association

Expansion & Innovation (2001~ Present)

Expansion & Innovation

With balancing stability and expansion, Doosan began reaching for greater worldwide recognition through alliances with various leading global companies.


  • 2001Renamed Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
    Ranks first in global desalination market and selected as "Global Product"
  • 2002Supplies main nuclear power systems to Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant (USA) and Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (China)
    Dangjin Thermal Power Plant selected as "Power Plant of the Year" by Power Engineering magazine
  • 2003HRSG products takes largest global market share and named "Global Product"
    Crank shaft product selected as "Global Product"
  • 2004Die Steel and cold press work roll selected as "Global Products"
  • 2005Obtains KOLAS/OHSAS18001 Health Safety Management System Certification
    Wins order for world’s largest desalination plant in Shuaibah (Saudi Arabia)
    Acquires reverse osmosis water treatment division from AES in US (currently Doosan Hydro Techology)
  • 2006Acquires Kvaerner IMGB (Currently Doosan IMGB) and Mitsui Babcock (Currently Doosan Babcock)
    Establishes a water R&D center in Dubai (UAE) and Tampa (USA)
  • 2007Starts construction of the Doosan VINA plant (Vietnam)
    Hydro-turbine runner and, stern and rudder castings selected as "Global Products"
    Wins contract for 4,000MW Mundra Power Project in India (world's largest coal-fired power plant to date)
    Orders received surpasses KRW7 trillion for the first time
  • 2008Honored as Korea's Most Admired Company by KMAC
    Receives order for a large-scale RO desalination plant project in Shuwaikh (Kuwait)
    Receives GHECO-ONE contract (Thailand’s first supercritical coal-fired power plant)
    Receives order for Yeongwol combined-cycle power plant contract (Korea)
  • 2009Acquires Czech-based power systems maker Skoda Power (Currently Doosan Škoda Power)
    Doosan VINA plant completed
    Ships Asia’s first 3MW wind turbines for marine and terrestrial use and introduces first gas turbines to Korean market
    Ranks 4th on BusinessWeek World's Best Companies List, Ranks 2nd in Boston Consulting Group’s 2009 Value Creators Rankings
    Participates in UAE Nuclear Power Plant project as a main equipment (APR1400) supplier
  • 2010UAE Nuclear Power Project contract as a APR1400 supplier
    Rabigh 6 Thermal Power Project contract, the world’s largest oil-fired plant to date
    Ras Az Zawr Desalination Project contract, the world’s largest desalination plant to date
    Surpassed KRW 12.9 trillion in orders
    “Korean World-Class Product” designation for Low Pressure Turbine Rotor Shaft (Thermal Power Plant)
  • 2011Acquires AE&E Chennai Works(Currently Doosan Chennai Works), Indian boiler maker
    Yanbu Desalination Project(in Saudi Arabia) contract, the world’s largest MED as a single unit in the world
    Receives International Certificate from DEWI-OCC for a 3MW offshore wind turbine
    Wins ‘2010 HSE Best contractor Award’ for the Jebel Ali M Project
    Signs a CSR agreement with Changwon City
    “Korean World-Class Product” designation for Turbine Generator Rotor Shaft, Oil-Fired Boiler for Thermal Power Plant, Reactor Vessel for Commercial Nuclear Power Plant
    Acquires AE&E Lentjes(Currently Doosan Lentjes), German engineering and energy company by Doosan Power Systems(DPS)
  • 2012 Announcement of the “Doosan Way”, a unique Doosan management philosophy
    Honored as “Korea's Most Admired Company” by KMAC
    Doosan Chennai Works receives order for large-scale boilers (Bulk Order II) in India
    Awarded "Grand Prize for New Quality Management" by Korean Foundation for Quality
    Acquisition of Doosan Enpure, a U.K. water & wastewater treatment engineering company
    Yanbu Phase3 Desalination Project Contract in Saudi Arabia
    Surpassed KWR 9.6 trillion in sales
    “Korean World-Class Product” designation for Steam Generator for Commercial Nuclear Power Plant, and Super Large forged Back Up Roll for Plate Rolling Mill
  • 2013 Awarded “Grand Prize for Transparent Management” by 5 major business associations
    Awarded "2013 Best Corporate Governance" by Korea Corporate Governance Service (KCGS)
    Transfers HRSG Business from Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction to Doosan E&C
    Establishes a Water R&D Center in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
    Publishes the first "Integrated Report" covering Sustainability Report and Annual Report together
    Wins the largest RO Seawater Desalination Plant Project "Escondida" in Chile, the first in Latin America
    Wins Saemangeum Project, the first groundbreaking project to construct infrastructure
    Wins Sinboryeong Thermal Power Plant Project
    “Korean World-Class Product” designation for the integral head and the excitation system for nuclear power plants
    Vinh Tan IV Thermal Power Plant Project in Vietnam